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So many softwares do some parts of the equation really well and then don’t do other parts at all and it’s driving me crazy trying to puzzle piece everything together to a system that actually works. Nimble Accounting provides simple yet affordable business accounting solutions for non-accountants as well as company accountants and entrepreneurs which can be easily applicable in staffing industry, restaurants the methods of determining income and expenses for tax and other financial purposes. As book accounts, they are the first three items presented in the Balance Sheet as Cash, Accounts Receivable, and Investments in Marketable Securities. The price fixed by adding nominal balance sheet for the transfer of the finished goods to the next process is called as transfer price. In some process industries, transfer of finished goods is made to the immediate next process by including some account of profit.

The profit associated with the transfer of goods form one process to another is called inter process profit. The output of one process becomes the input of next process. • To assess whether the output can compete with the market. We know that margin allowed for normal loss is just an estimate and slight differences are bound to occur between the actual and anticipated output of a process. These differences do not always represent increased loss may be less than the expected. Thus, when actual loss in a increased loss, on occasions the actual loss may be less than the expected. Thus, when actual loss in a increased loss, in a process is lower than the expected, an abnormal gain results. The balance of this account becomes abnormal gain and is transferred to costing profit and loss account. Normally finished goods of one process are transferred to the immediate next process at cost of production basis.

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